How to worm your horse

Today I wormed the horses, here are a few tricks to make worming your horse easier.

1. Play with your horses mouth. I like to massage the muzzle and put my fingers in the lips. Be careful to watch your fingers and do this for short periods of time as there are a lot of nerves in that area and it can be a little over-stimulating at first. If you have a young horse, do this often as a bonding technique your young one will love it.

2. Occasionally give your horse a syringe of apple sauce. This will help you giving your horse anything paste related. Try to give apple sauce more than icky pastes and your horse will be more willing to open her mouth.

3. Teach your horse to lower her head both by pressure on the poll and the base of the leadrope. This will make it easier for those with taller horses. With smaller horses, this isn't as much of a necessity for giving wormer (but still important!).

4. Teach your horse to 'muzzle'. With the lead rope in your left hand, standing on the left side of the horse, reach under the head of your horse and gently grab the muzzle of the horse with your right hand. It will be easier to put the wormer into the corner of mouth with your left hand.

5. Give your horse a treat first, keep the wormer in your pocket when the are interested in what you have, slip the wormer in.

With horses, worms are a fact of life. Hopefully these tips will make worming a little easier. Of course I hope my community will add their ideas as well!


Anonymous said...

i always was taught that the horses mouth needs to be clean and free of any food, because if you give a treat, then worm them, they will just spit it out, because the wormer sticks to the particles of the treat in the horses mouth.

Anonymous said...

That what I heard too, they would spit out the wormer and the treat.
And then your back to square one.So your are better off with a clean mouth are by the wormer you sprinkle on their food.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is quite correct. One should worm his or her horse about a half hour after they eat or otherwise the horse will "spit" the wormer out. The horse will spit the wormer out for it attaches to food in the mouth. Also, a horse can keep food stored in it's mouth and bring it to the front where the wormer is and thus, spit it out.

Pferdefutter said...

Thanks for sharing the information, i got a good idea about worming a horse.This idea will be helpful to my friend also...;)

Anonymous said...

What you do in that situation is push the horses head back and up with your hand, this way all will be swallowed.

Anonymous said...

should i play with my horses mouth/muzzle for half an hour or so, then hold her head up and back and then put the wormer in her mouth?

equine worming program said...

When worming you can get them accustomed to your putting things into the side of their mouth.
You can then give the wormer using the syringe. As you finish depressing the syringe put your hand under their chin and lift their chin up. using your other hand gentle rub the underside of their neck to encourage them to swallow.

Anonymous said...

When someone says they hope a horse worms out what does it mean?